Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds

 Venetian blind with wooden slats.

With its warm and natural wood colours, wooden blinds have always been welcome in our home. We choose our furniture with care and a pair of stylish wooden blinds in custom paint can in many cases help to create an harmonious whole ..

 For medium glass or suspended mounting.

We supply blinds for all conceivable types of window. Choose from between the glass shades or blinds for suspended installation on modern energy window. We also have special solutions for the installation of blinds in skylights and other types of windows where the inclined position can be an obstacle in good sunscreen function.

Roller blinds


 Blinds up to 3.6 m in width.

All our blinds are supplied made to measure to your exact requirements.No blinds that are too short or too wide or requiring hours of extra work with shortening and other processing. Just unpack and assemble on site!

Blinds with spring we also …

Box shutters

Roller blinds in the cassette

Cassette Blinds for the best cover-up

The most effective type of dimming for all types of windows. Available with or without side rails of plastic or aluminum.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds for large windows.

Our vertical blinds are available in different types according to your wishes. You can choose from a number of different control types : single on the same or similar side, with s . k . “My Sharing”, etc.

Bamboo Blinds
 The blinds with slats of natural bamboo.
Bamboo Venetian blind is a variant of the usual wooden blinds which use lamellae of natural bamboo instead wooden slats. bamboo Slatshas better moisture resistance and the disc pack will be smaller due to the lamellae advantageous thickness. The slats are available in several different colors.


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