Vertical blinds are designed for both home and office. They are also very suitable for conservatories, large glass windows or as a room divider.

We give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors and fabric styles . Our vertical blinds can be operated in several different ways and to fit in everywhere, there are several different types of openings to choose from.

Made to measure products
All our blinds are supplied made ​​to measure to your exact requirements. It requires no preliminary work by you in the form of: clipping, cutting or other types of processing to get the newly purchased Vertical blinds to fit perfectly in your window. Just unpack and assemble immediately!

Blackout Grad
Vertical blinds can adjust the angle of daylight in varying degrees .If you choose a fabric with fully blackout properties can be achieved even quite effective blackout.

Slat widths
Standard fabric width for vertical blinds are: 127mm then there are also vertical blinds with a width of 89 mm. There are also other widths are available on the market but they are more rare


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